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Hello. I am Jolene! =D


i love all my friends. =D

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Stress is number 1 i think

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  • Monday, June 21, 2010

    Oppa, Happy Birthday! I l0ve you. =D

    today start school again. Not feeling very well, stomach very pain. not in the mood to blog, stomach very pain!

    5:09 AM <3

    Thursday, June 17, 2010

    today is Ella's birthday. Happy Birthday. I will always support you! =D

    just finish watching world cup, Nigeria vs Greece. Nigeria was a disappointment. can draw de, but then got 1 super easy goal yet don't know what the player is today. who care, anyway, Argentina confirm goes in round of 16. Congrats. haha.

    tmr got lots of things to do. haix. jiayou ba. hehe. =D

    9:06 AM <3

    Tuesday, June 15, 2010

    Not feeling well today. I'm not sick, but i am just not in the mood to do anything. I also don't know why. I just don't feel well. Today I am also not in the mood to eat anything. I am very hungry, but I am just not in the mood to eat. Gastric like going to pain like that. What's wrong with me today? I really don't know. For my assignment. there isn't any improvements. Haven't do much yet. Haix.

    Sometimes i just feel very insecure on certain things. I don't know why, just feel that I don't have much confidence in myself. Why have I become like that? I seriously don't know why. I feel very lost, lost in the jungle, can't find my way out. I felt bored about everything today. I seriously don't know what is wrong.

    7:49 AM <3

    Friday, June 4, 2010

    yesterday was my last paper of term test. so happy that my term test have over. then went out with mei kei and some of her classmates. had lots of fun there.

    today went kbox with mei kei and pui cheng. today is the best kbox that we went so far. cause we were super duper high. never so high before, like nobody's business like that. haha. but it was really fun. after exam go kbox is really a super good way of relieving the past stress that we had.

    will be having 2 weeks of holiday. but these 2 weeks also not counted as holiday. cause got many assignments that need to be done and submitted when school starts, so we need to chiong on the assignments. i seriously dont like to study, but i know i got no choice. so i will try my very best to endure. at least must have a diploma. of course degree will be better lar, so will see how things go when the time reach.

    will relax awhile before starting on my assignments. i want to play hard yet able to finish and do well in my assignments at the same time. haha.

    thanks mei kei and pui cheng for always bringing so much fun into my life. i love you guys!!! =D

    8:42 AM <3

    Sunday, May 16, 2010

    sometimes i will ask myself what am i good at? everyone would definitely like to be good at something. i cant think of what im good at, seriously.

    things isn't going very well for me. many unhappy things made me start thinking of things. it really made my mood very down. i wanna be the happy girl that i used to be, but can i? can i really go back to where im used to be? i tried to smile. i smile to my family, my friends, cause i dont want them to be worried for me. how long can my smile last? i hope 1 day my smile will not be hiding. i hope 1 day i will smile without any sadness. i really hope that will happen 1 day

    6:49 AM <3

    Monday, May 10, 2010

    last fri went kbox with mei kei, pui cheng and grace. super duper fun. haha. cheap and long hours. its really very fun. of course fun actually. kbox with mei kei and pui cheng is never boring. sure got things to laugh de lor. cause of our actions. haha. i love it. =D shall go there soon. maybe after term test? cause i think term test is very near le, but dont know which week. lol. means i need to start studying le. haix. jia you jia you.

    today presentation for SWEN. before presentation i was so high. lucky during presentation i was normal. then after presentation i high again. haha. then met mei kei for dinner together with yuet thng and wei jie. then we kept laughing cause i did something really stupid. haha. super duper funny. then kena slept by mei kei so many times. T.T lol. my brain really not functioning. thats why i did stupid things. haha.

    today head very pain. haix. since yesterday afternoon until now. so i got to go and sleep soon le. if not tmr worse. haix. and and and, i dont know what i wanna say bye bye. lol. ok, shall stop being lame here. haha.

    8:58 AM <3

    Tuesday, May 4, 2010

    sometime i feels that im good at nothing. haix. how? i cant find things that im good at. or rather good at things that are useful. haix.

    had been very tired this week. using too much brain cells. assignments. haix. i dont have my ling gan. haix. and im really very very tired. wanna really relax.

    eh, dont know what else to say. cause my brain is seriously not working.

    9:53 AM <3